We will begin to accept applications for returning artists who came LAST summer January 15th.

New artists, or ones who missed last summer, can register beginning January 22nd. Don't worry- We try to get everyone in who wants to come.

You will get an online confirmation but will hear from us if there are any issues!

If you prefer to send things in the old fashioned way, that is totally great! The application will be posted and you send it in normally, with your check. The online form will have the option for CC and PayPal.  As normal, pay your deposit first and we are working on a way to have you able to pay your remaining balance online or it may still be a check/cash situation. All other T-Shirts, Artbox, etc, will still be Cash and Checks.

Keep in mind that online is the easiest/fastest way to register and if I get your application, weeks may have closed, but usually this is not a problem. Your application will not be complete without a check.

Please Read Our Cancellation Policy


Because of the nature of our business, we do not refund any deposits within 60 days of your workshop unless there is a wait list and we can fill the space, but only if that happens. We have a hard time keeping the lights on and good food on the table so we are forced to be more strict with last minute cancelling. There are no deposit returns, at all,  once the program has started. If you need extra time to pay or to pay in installments email me at laura@lauraloe.com and we will figure it out. Do not let having to pay over time keep you from coming. I am an artist and I get it! Just send me an email. laura@lauraloe.com

NEW WEEKEND POLICY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       As are program has grown, we are paring down our weekend stays this summer to provide fresh, happy staff for your week! Please email me if you want to stay a weekend so I can let you know if it is possible and/or what the situation will be for that weekend. 

On other weekends we will be offering either Standard Service  of all meals or a Limited Service of a continental breakfast and a casual lunch with dinner on your own. There are great places to dine all around us, so that is easy to do and fun to explore! The amount of guests for a weekend will determine the service offered, but we can let you know 2 weeks advance if needed.

Weekend Cost Full Service (when not in a workshop, but on a workshop weekend) $280  plus gratuity. Arrival Friday, after 3 PM and checkout at 10 am Sunday.                     Weekend Cost Limited Service (not offered on workshop weekends)  is $240 plus gratuity. Arrival Friday after 3 PM and checkout at 10 AM Sunday.

The weekend of June 13-15 we will be offering Limited Service. The weekend of July 20-22 we are totally closed to any guests and the weekend of July 6-8 we are totally closed to any guests. Weekends will be updated closer to the summer.

You will need to book weekend stays through email. laura@lauraloe.com