You got in! You are coming! Plan to arrive at Nimrod Hall between 3 pm and 6 pm the day that your workshop begins. If you come earlier there is a good chance your room will not be ready as we are changing over the rooms from the previous artists. To kick off and meet everyone, we have a casual gathering under the big cedar tree, complete with name tags, for us to all have a cold drink to begin our time at Nimrod Hall. This is around 6:00pm on Sunday evening and try to be here as it is a nice way to meet everyone. If you will be later than 6:30 please eat on the way. The workshops end at 10 am on Friday Mornings.  You can stay around and paint or swim but we will need to be in the room to clean for weekend workshops, so stuff has to packed and ready to roll.

We only take checks or cash at Nimrod for all final payments, so make sure and bring your checkbook or cash.  Totally old fashioned but it works with the vibe at Nimrod! We have an AWESOME onsite art store in its own little van that is stocked beautifully by the ArtBox out of Lynchburg, VA., ( who we LOVE!)  and we have fabulous T-Shirts, candy bars and other important items in the camp canteen. Just remember, cash or checks for anything you buy.  You will pay your balance owed the first day or two that you arrive, but can run a tab in the ArtBox and the Canteen that you simply pay before you leave. 

To get to Nimrod Hall with a GPS, the address is: 216 NImrod Drive, Millboro, VA 24460 ( see map below)

The landline phone is:  540-862-0531

Laura Cell phone is: 804-366-6327 ( texting is better than calling for quick questions)

Will Loving Cell is: 804-502-3131 (he has pockets so call him first)

My directions from the east are as follows:

Take 64W past Charlottesville towards Staunton. 

  1. As you get close to Staunton, 64W will split and combine with I-81.  Take 64W/I-81 South toward Lexington/Roanoke NOT 64W/I-81 North toward Staunton.

  2. After a short distance, take the first exit 220 for Route 262/Route 11 - Staunton.

  3. Take the exit and follow 262 North

  4. Take the 4th exit named Parkersburg Pike (Route 254)

- Take a left off the exit that will put you on Route 254 toward Buffalo Gap. 

  1. Follow this highway-not speeding through Craigsville (although the IGA there is worth a stop for just sheer curiosity) because you WILL get a ticket.  This turns into Route 42

  2. Once you go through Goshen you are winding your way almost to Nimrod. Don’t turn in Goshen!

  3. You will see signs for Millboro Springs. Which is nothing but a nice gas station. 

  4. TURN LEFT HERE! At Millboro Springs Mercantile. Going straight turns into Route 39 and takes you to Warm Springs.

  5. Turning left will keep you on Route 42 and 5 miles up the road you will see the big Nimrod Hall sign on your right.



Another option is to simply stay on 64 W , passing Staunton turn off all the way past Lexington almost to Clifton Forge. Take the Route 42 Exit and turn right at the bottom. Go approximately 16 miles and we are on the left hand side. This is easiest but maybe 25 minutes longer but a STUNNING VIEW on your drive. You can also be routed through Goshen Pass, a beautiful waterfall, gorge, but again, it is not as fast and can be a busy thoroughfare on a summer afternoon. But again- stunning views.

Once you get here then pass by the Big House on your right, go straight past the house and head to the parking lot, that is a grass field beyond the fence on the right. Park and walk to the dining hall (all marked) and someone will be there to greet you. Don’t be worried. It can be scary to try anything new but It takes one day to feel like you have been here forever. You are able to drive right up to the door to unload your things and then park back in the lot for the week. Our staff will be there to help you unload your car as part of the gratuity paid at the end of the week! They love to help, so let them!

If you get turned around. CALL 804-502-3131 and ask for Will. He is the one who always has his phone!  Hope you arrive with no issues!! 

XO! Laura

PS - Do not feel ashamed of a heaping car full of stuff. We all over pack and bring everything we own. As far as I am concerned, it is a badge of honor. I don’t trust people who can pack light. How often do you have nothing to do for a week but create? Pack that car with stuff! BRING IT! Just Paint!