Nimrod Hall is the sort of beautiful, rambling house that only time can build. Originally built in 1783, the main house consisted of little more than a two story log cabin, and legend has that it was built as a stagecoach stop. Run for over one hundred years as a summer resort for people from all over the country, Nimrod Hall has a hotel register dating back to the turn of the century but its history as an Inn is recorded as early as the 1880’s.  Owned by the Wood Family since 1906, in 2013, artist Laura Loe and her husband, Will Loving, bought the Inn to keep it operating as an artist colony for those who love it. 

Nimrod Hall is actually a euphemism for seven buildings that are built around a common inner yard. The Main house, which houses the dining hall and kitchen as well as a wing of guest rooms, is surrounded by five cottages that are used by guests. One building, affectionately referred to as the old post office, is a cottage used for gatherings, card games and rainy day critiques for artists. The cottages are built as you'd imagine a turn of the century summer resort with private bedrooms and shared bathrooms, and big, wide-roofed porches overlooking the Allegheny Mountains, or the plush, shaded yard. We are as faithful to Nimrod Hall history as possible, renovating as time and money allow, retaining the beauty and dignity of Nimrod Hall. We have a river and spring fed pond for swimming and are surrounded by over 100 acres begging to be painted.

Camp Nimrod is remembered fondly by hundreds of men and women as the site of the summer camps they attended as children, Camps Nimrod for Boys & Girls, that operated from the 1930's to the 1980's. This year we are renovating the Camp Nimrod for Boys Rec Hall that is closer to the river and will be able to offer a huge inside painting area as well as a place to gather, enjoy the screened in windows and listen to to the waterfall. 

Nimrod Hall is an amazing experience but not for those seeking corporate luxury but those who believe in the old fashioned approach to summertime!  Our strength is in the step back in time that happens when you stay with us, and is the perfect place for anyone seeking creative inspiration.